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Thank you to everyone who attended our event on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the work of Margery Allingham and Eric Ambler. We had a wonderful afternoon!

We were very fortunate to be joined by Barry Pike, the Chairman of the Margery Allingham Society, to introduce us to one of the ‘Queens of Crime’ and her famous work and providing excellent recommendations of where to start within her list.  This included Traitor’s Purse, Hide My Eyes and The Tiger in the Smoke. Crime author Simon Brett gave a fantastic introduction to Ambler’s career, and provided us with a wonderful insight to his work suggesting that we start (if you haven’t already!) with The Mask of Dimitrios – considered his most famous work – and The Levanter.


 Thank you to our Publisher’s for providing the majority of the books for our guests to take away with them and review. We look forward to receiving anything you have to say about these wonderful Authors!


Keep your eyes peeled for our next event in the New Year!


tiger in the smoke allingham traitors purse allingham

Beautiful Folio Society editions of The Tiger In The Smoke and The Traitor’s Purse – available now.


margery allingham traitor's purse folio“This is, I think, my favourite detective story. I return to it again and again, just as soon as I have forgotten enough to re-enter it. The novel has the most amazing plot of any thriller I know. It was written in 1940 at the beginning of the second world war and has an ingenious secret at its centre, which I am not going to give away in case there are still readers who can come to it as the surprise it should be. Allingham’s publishers queried the plausibility of the German plot she imagined – only to discover many years later that she had in fact imagined a secret that did really exist.”

A. S. Byatt on Margery Allingham, in The Guardian

You can buy the new Folio Society edition of the Traitor’s Purse here

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Margery Allingham ebooks in the United States of America can be found here and in the United Kingdom can be found here.



“The best of mystery writers” – The New Yorker

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