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The Crime at Black Dudley

The Crime at Black Dudley margery allingham queen of crime

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Language: English
Pages: 240

A suspicious death and a haunted family heirloom were not advertised when Dr George Abbershaw and a group of London’s brightest young things accepted an invitation to the mansion of Black Dudley.

Skulduggery is most certainly afoot, and the party-goers soon realise that they’re trapped in the secluded house.

Amongst them is a stranger who promises to unravel the villainous plots behind their incarceration – but can George and his friends trust the peculiar young man who calls himself Albert Campion?

The excitement and enjoyment of a wonderful weekend party is shattered: a group of London’s brightest young things are invited to the mansion of Black Dudley in rural Suffolk, and during a ritual of the Black Dudley Dagger, the host’s uncle is murdered and a document is taken from the body. The house guests soon realise that they are trapped inside the secluded house and will be held hostage until the paper is found. Dr George Abbershaw uncovers the killer, but even he is nonplussed by the mysterious young man – friend or enemy? – who calls himself Albert Campion.  This is a classic thriller set in the 1920s and is the first book to introduce Albert Campion, a sleuth who goes on to feature in another 18 novels and numerous short stories.

“Always of the elect, Margery Allingham now towers above them” The Observer




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